Sequence investigates the relationship between form and material, celebrating the space in between connections. The modular rug system hinges on joining simple sinuous and linear planes in infinite customizable configurations. Hand-tufted in Thailand using pure Vietnamese silk and worsted New Zealand wool, the shapes are fused at a distance by brass hardware - highlighting the interspatial as much as the forms themselves, which recall the silhouettes of Pierre Cardin and the circular sense of passage evoked by a porte-cochère.
Sequence was created in collaboration with CC-Tapis. The Italian rug maker innovates through new approaches to traditional methods, celebrating cultural craftsmanship and the artisans who create each rug.

Act Four

ACT FOUR celebrates the playful optimism of human intervention in material object. Exploring a period in which man-made ingenuity and technology elicited delight, the collection draws on forward-looking 1960s cultural touchstones and scientific innovations which coalesce into an atmosphere of wonder. ACT FOUR negotiates the delicate balance between machine perfection and the human hand,
revolving around a highly touched object and the nearly imperceptible hand that creates it. The resulting collection is a complete point of view; its objects serving as artifacts of the mental imprint left by a joyful time in creation and mechanization.

ACT FOUR is presented in a series of scenes imagined as dioramas of public and private life. Entitled The Brief, The Muse, The Work and The Finish, the structure of the scenes evoke the arc of the studio’s creative process. In an era of digital rendering, the presentation celebrates the human hand, traditional production craft and the art of making images.