• The Company

    APPARATUS is a New York based design studio working with aged brass, leather, marble and porcelain to create lighting fixtures, furniture and objects. The studio’s language is rooted in geometry and contrast, fusing sculptural form with hand-worn materials that straddle the line between the perfect and the imperfect.

  • The Process

    Connecting with a tradition of studio craftsmanship, each individual fixture is crafted by hand in the Apparatus workshop. Raw brass components are meticulously finished to reveal layers of uncommon beauty, resulting in fixtures that are both modern and timeworn.

  • The Duo

    APPARATUS was founded in 2012 by Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson. Co-Founder and Creative Director Hendifar has a background in fashion and interior design. Anderson, left his career in the public relation industry to oversee Apparatus Studio production and operations.

  • The Studio

    Our Studio is open for visits by appointment.
    Visit our studio page for more details.